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Greek alabaster statue of Ascelpius, the greek god of medicine

Handmade greek alabaster statue of Ascelpius (Asklepios), the greek god of Medicine

Handmade greek alabaster statue of Asclepius (Asklepios), the greek god of Medicine. One of the best greek art decorating gifts, ideal for clinics and medical offices.

According to the Greek religion and Mythology, Asclepius, also known as Hepius, was the son of Apollo and a mortal woman named Coronis. He is considered as a hero and god of medicine. Asclepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts and his most prominent symbol is a snake-entwined staff, which is regarded as the the symbol of Medicine till today. One of his daughters is Hygieia, the goddess of cleanliness and personification of health and hygiene.



4.5 x 15 x 3.5 centimeters
1.77 x 5.91 x 1.38 inches






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Other dimensions

7 x 23 x 7 cm (2.76 x 9.06 x 1.38 inches) €9.00 Add to cart  View Product

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