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Protogeometric ceramic amphora with Griffin Guardian

Handmade Greek pottery protogeometric ceramic amphora with Griffin Guardian

  Stunning greek souvenirs, protogeometric ceramic amphora with Griffin Guardian.

  The Protogeometric style (or Proto-Geometric) is a style of Ancient Greek pottery led by Athens produced between roughly 1050 and 900 BC, the period of the Greek Dark Ages and the beginning of the Archaic period. After the collapse of the Mycenaean-Minoan Palace culture and the ensuing Greek Dark Ages, the Protogeometric style emerged around the mid 11th century BCE as the first expression of a reviving civilization.

  Griffins were creatures depicted with an eagle's head and a lion's body. They were often shown with wings, but not always, and they had pointed ears and front talons. They were believed to be greedy creatures, hoarding and guarding gold much like dragons did. By combining the eagle and the lion, the two animals that the ancient Greeks viewed as the kings of their realms, the griffin took on the power and majesty of its halves.


9 x 23 x 9 centimeters
3.54 x 9.06 x 3.54 inches






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