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Handmade small doll of a greek woman dressed in traditional costume from Salamis

Handmade small doll of a greek woman dressed in traditional,folk costume from Salamis

Handmade doll of a greek woman, dressed in traditional, folk costume from Salamis, the largest Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, about 2 km off-coast from Piraeus and about 16 km west of central Athens. Her costume is a copy of an original greek folk attire which makes it an ideal souvenir from Greece. 

In these representation she wares a loose-fitting, white cotton or silk shirt with, decorated with lace at the neck and cuffs, over which a richly embroidered jacket or vest of claret velvet. On the bottom she wares an ankle-length blue skirt, made of pleated silk and a red felt apron with bands of embroidered gold thread. A golden kerchief scarf, a white veil, wrapped and then twisted around the head and a necklace made of coins, 
symbolizing the wealth, completes her costume. 


8 x 18 x 5 centimeters
3.15 x 7.09 x 1.97 inches






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