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Greek olive branch silver bracelet with zircon

Handmade sterling silver (925º), greek olive branch bracelet with white zircon gemstones, the symbol of peace and victory, 1 gr

Charming greek souvenirs, handmade greek jewellery, olive branch bracelet with white zircon gemstones.

In Greek mythology, Athena competed with Poseidon for possession of Athens. Poseidon claimed possession by thrusting his trident into the Acropolis, where a well of sea-water gushed out. Athena took possession by planting the first olive tree beside the well. The court of gods and goddesses ruled that Athena had the better right to the land because she had given it the better gift and she became the patron and protectress of the city of Athens. 

Additionaly, in Ancient Greece the olive tree was as a symbol of Olympic Ideals as it was given as a prize to the winners of the Olympic Games, the so-called kotinos. Olive wreaths were also worn by brides during the wedding symbolizing purity.

The olive branch is a symbol of victory but also of peace, especially when it is depicted being carried by a dove. 

This bracelet made from sterling silver 925º with white zircon gemstones weighing 1 gr.

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0 x 18 x 0.1 centimeters
0 x 7.09 x 0.04 inches


Sterling Silver - Zircon Gemstones




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